Aestiva/5-7900 Anaesthetic Trolley MRI Compatible


Reconditioned/serviced/calibrated by a Fully Trained Medical  GE Engineer. Warranty 90 days on all Pre-owned items

Product Description

The GE/Datex-Ohmeda Aestiva/5-7900 MRI is a special adaptation of the Aestiva/5 anaesthesia machine that allows  it to operate in an MRI environment up to 300 gauss ( tested with an active shielded 1.5 Tesla MRI unit and a 3.0 Tesla MRI unit in a magnetic fringe field up to 300 gauss.)

The Aestiva/5-7900 MRI functions are identical to a comparably configured Aestiva anaesthesia machine. 

It is fitted with the 7900 ‘Smartvent’ ventilator with 4.8 software, providing both volume and pressure modes of ventilation. It has advanced ventilation, provided by the 7900 ‘smartvent’, with its sophisticated ventilation capabilities that support the needs of a broad patient range.

The machine is fitted with O2, N2O and Air medical pipeline hoses and O2 cylinder back-up. It comes with twin vaporiser manifold/ interlocking mechanism. ( Vaporisers not included).

The year of manufacture is 2010 and the complete ‘running time’ is only a remarkable 2 hours. The system is ‘as new’, in excellent working and cosmetic condition.

Note: Do you currently have active scavenging facilities? Do you have piped medical gases? Be sure to speak to one of our advisers today before ordering.

Optional Extra: Full set of patient leads

Warranty – 3 Months UK warranty.

Additional information


Aestiva/5-7900 + Monitoring+ M-CAIOV & M-NESTPR, Aestiva/5-7900 + Monitoring + M-CAIO and M-NESTPR, Aestiva/5-7900 + Monitoring + E-CAIOV and E-NESTPR, Aestiva/5-7900 + Monitoring + E-CAIO and E-NESTPR , Aestiva/5-7900 only with 4.8 PSV Pro Software, Aestiva/5 only, Spacelab Aestiva/5-7900 only

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