Cryo IQ Liquid Freeze Therapy

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Gas cartridges have approx. 30% more gas than the Cryoalfa gas cartridges

The gas cartridges are 100% compatible with both CryoIQ and Cryoalfa gas cartridges

Product Description 

Cryosurgery (cryotherapy) is the local application of extreme cold for controlled destruction or removal of abnormal or diseased tissue. In the past years, innovations in the methods of application of the cryogen have made cryosurgery a preferred surgical treatment option for veterinarians to use on their patient animals. More portable, easy to use hand-held devices, such as the CryoIQ®, were developed to give the veterinarian the possibility to treat skin lesions with accuracy and efficacy, either in their office or the field.

The freezing of the tissue by the direct application of the cryogen makes the procedure safe, efficient and fast. The freezing temperature will destroy cells in the target tissue, the accuracy will avoid the destruction of adjacent healthy tissue, and a powerful method of application will allow the veterinarian a rapid penetration of the targeted lesion.

The compact, portable CryoIQ® hand-held device uses Nitrous Oxide cartridges as a cryogen with a freezing temperature of -89°C/-128° F and once punctured the Nitrous Oxide is delivered with a 725psi/ 50 bar pressure to the lesion which allows the veterinarian a fast and effective treatment.

The CryoIQ® gives the veterinarian the ability to control the width and depth of a skin lesion treatment using various types of applicators, and for every 4 seconds of freeze, the skin will be penetrated 1mm in depth, to a maximum of 5-6mm.

  • The smallest, easiest and most popular Cryo available
  • Easy to change cartridge with no loss of gas content
  • New filter technology that gives a longer lifetime to the device
  • Simple pencil type grip for easy use and very accurate application.
  • Freezes to -89 °C and to a depth of 3 mm.
  • Level of cold generated is adjusted by the rate at which the button is depressed
  • Weight: 82 gram (including 16-gram cartridge)
  • Dimensions: Diameter: 22 mm / Length: 120 mm
  • Material: Gold plated metal
  • Warranty: 1 year (2 years after Product registration)
  • CE marked: According to medical device Class IIA


The CryoIQ® offers the feature of using two different freezing methods which enhance the treatment options for the veterinarian:

Liquid Spray Freezing: Provides millimetre precision freezing to the treatment site through microcapillaries.
Contact Freezing: Closed tip applicators are cooled off by the cryogen before placing onto the lesion for a hassle-free contact freezing.

Cryosurgery has been used by veterinarians are to in treatment procedures for, but not limited to:

  • Warts
  • Eyelid tumours and masses
  • Tail and tail- base tumours
  • Tongue tumours
  • Distichiasis
  • Paw or pad mast cell tumours
  • Skin tags
  • Tumours in the mouth, ear
  • Papillomas
  • Angiomas
  • Cysts
  • Peri-anal carcinomas and anal gland tumours
  • Epuli

Advantages of veterinary cryosurgery:

  • An inexpensive procedure, anaesthesia and sterile preparation not necessary (out-patient procedure).
  • Fast and efficient treatment, less time needed for the veterinarian in a busy office.
  • Minimal to none pre-or post- operative care.
  • No general anaesthesia required in the majority of the procedures.
  • The tissue and surrounding blood vessels freeze which causes it’s own numbing, making it practically painless and bloodless.
  • Lower risks of complication, less pain and quicker healing.
  • Cost per treatment is less than 50p

Included in Box Set:

  • 1 glass tip for Liquid Freezing®, Ø1 mm
  • 1 gas cartridges 16 gram
  • 1 case for storage
  • 1 user guide A6 size

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