Q5 Multi-Parameter Veterinary Monitor

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Product Description

The Q5 is a modular monitor which allows immediate access to comprehensive patient data. Multi-Parameter modules enable you to customise your monitoring to specific patient requirements. The plug-and-play design and intuitive navigation is convenient for clinicians to set up and start monitoring patients easily.

  • 12.1” Anti-glare colour TFT LCD display
  • Standard touch-screen configuration with knob and backlight button, also support mouse and keyboard input.
  • Independent Physiological and technical, visual and audio alarm system.
  • Heart rate goes up to 350bpm
  • Standard Configuration of 3-lead ECG, RESP, NIBP, SpO2, PR, Temp.
  • Two standard module slots supporting plug and play for modules including IBP, TEMP, BLT EtCO2 and AG etc.
  • Abundant extension interfaces including Nurse call socket, VGA port, and USB port etc.
  • 10 channel waveforms on display screen
  • Rolling Stand or Wall Mount available.
  • Warranty – Monitor: 1 year Accessories: 6 months
  • Optional Configuration : Nellcor, SpO2, IBP, TEMP Recorder Mainstream/ Sidestream/Microstream, BLT EtCO2 Mainstream/ Sidestream, AG.
  • Optional Patient Data Record: The patient data recorded in our Q5 can either be printed out by a desktop printer or reviewed on a Windows based computer software.

Size & Weight
Size: 318mm×264mm×152mm
Standard module slot:2
12.1″ Color TFL-LCD
Resolution: 800×600pixels
Power supply:
Power voltage: AC 100~240v 50/60Hz
Input Current: 1.1~0.5A
Safety class: Category I
Type: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Operating time under the normal use and full charge:
Recorder (Option)
Paper width: 50 mm (1.97 in)
Paper length: 15m
Paper Speed: 12.5/25/50(mm/sec)
Traces: Maximum 3 tracks
Recording way: Real-time recording, Periodic recording, Alarm
Level: Low, medium and high
Indication: Auditory and visual
Patient Physiological alarm light colour: Yellow & Red:
Equipment Technical Alarm Light colour: Blue
Supports Pitch Tone and multi-level volume
Input device
Touchscreen: standard config
Knob: standard config
Mouse7 & Keyboard input: Support
Trend: Lond trend:168h, minimum resolution is 1min
(store when the power goes off )
High-resolution trend:2h, minimum resolution is 5s
NIBP measurement reviewing: 1000 groups
ARR event: 128 groups of ARR event and the associated
Alarm events: 128 groups of parameter alarm events and
associated parameter
Waveform at the alarming moment
Full Disclosure waveform: 96 hours for three waveforms (with 4G SD
IEC60601-1 Approved, CE marking according to MDD93/42/EEC
Lead type 3 lead: I, II, III
Five lead: I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF, Vx
Gain: 2.5 mm/mV(×0.25), 5 mm/mV(×0.5), 10 mm/mV
(×1),20 mm/mV(×2), 40 mm/mV(×4), Auto
CMRR: Diagnostic mode ≥ 89 dB
Monitor mode ≥ 105 dB
Surgery mode ≥ 105 dB
Frequency response (-3d):
Monitor mode 0.5~40Hz
Surgery mode 1~25Hz
Diagnostic mode 0.05~150 Hz
Input impedance: ≥5.0 Mohm
ECG signal range: ±5%
Baseline recovery Monitor mode: ≤ 3 s; Surgery mode: ≤ 1 s
Input impedance ≥ 5.0 MΩ
ECG signal range ± 10.0 mV
Electrode offset potential ± 500 mV
Patient leakage current < 10 uA
Standardizing signal one mV ± 5%
Indication of electrode separation Every electrode (exclusive of RL)
Sweep speed 12.5 mm/s, 25 mm/s, 50 mm/s
Measurement range 10 bpm to 350 bpm
Resolution 1 bpm
Accuracy ±1% or ±1 bpm, whichever is greater
ST segment
Measurement range -2.0 mV to +2.0 mV
Accuracy -0.8 mV to +0.8 mV: ±0.02 mV or ±10%, whichever is
greater; Over ±0.8mV: unspecified
Resolution 0.01mV
Measurement method Thoracic impedance
Lead Selected from Ⅰ (RA-LA) or Ⅱ (RA-LL);
Default: Ⅱ
Gain ×0.25, ×1,×2,×4
Bandwidth 0.25 Hz to 2.0Hz(-3dB)
Sweep speed 6.25mm/s, 12.5mm/s, 25mm/s
Measurement range 0 rpm to 150 rpm
Resolution 1 rpm
Accuracy ±2 rpm
Delay of apnea alarm 10s, 15s, 20s, 25s, 30s, 35s, 40s, 45s, 50s,
55s, 60s
Measurement way Automatic oscillometry
Measurement range(mmHg) Horse 10~270 mmHg
Dog 10~235 mmHg
Cat 10~135 mmHg
Cuff pressure range: 0 mmHg to 280 mmHg
Resolution 1 mmHg
Pressure accuracy
Static: ±3 mmHg
Clinic: Average error: ±5 mmHg, standard deviation: ≤8 mmHg
Unit mmHg, kPa
Measurement range 0% to 100%
Resolution 1%
Accuracy 70% to 100%: ±2%
0% to 69%: unspecified
Measurement range 20bpm to 250 bpm
Resolution 1 bpm
Accuracy ±1% or ±1 bpm, whichever is the greater
Nellcor SpO2
Measurement range 0% to 100%
Resolution 1%
Accuracy 70% to 100%: ±2%(horse/dog)
70% to 100%: ±3%(cat)
0% to 69%, unspecified
Measurement range 20 bpm to 300 bpm
Accuracy 20 bpm to 250 bpm: ±3 bpm
251 bpm to 300 bpm: unspecified
Resolution 1 bpm

Measurement way: Thermal resistance way
No. of channels 8
Measurement Range 0.0℃~50.0℃ (32℉~122℉)
Accuracy 0.0℃-50.0℃: ±0.1℃ (not including the probe)
Resolution 0.1℃
Unit: Centigrade (℃), Fahrenheit (℉)
No. of channels 8
Sensitivity of transducer 5uV/V/ mmHg, ±2%
Impedance of transducer 300Ω to 3000Ω
Measurement range -50 mmHg to +300 mmHg
Resolution 1mmHg
Unit mmHg, kPa, cmH2O
Accuracy ±4 mmHg or ±4% of the reading, whichever is the
greater (inclusion of transducer)
Kinds of Measurement ART, PA, CVP, RAP, LAP, ICP
Options of range: RT 0〜300 mmHg, PA 0〜20 mmHg,CVP 0〜30
mmHg, LAP 0〜50 mmHg, RAP 0〜80 mmHg, ICP AUTO
ETCO2 Sidestream
Measurement way Infrared spectrum
Measurement range 0.0 % to 13.1 % (0 mmHg to 99.6 mmHg)
Resolution 1mmHg
Unit %, mmHg
Accuracy <5.0 %, ±0.3 % (±2.0 mmHg)
≥5.0 %, <±10 % of the reading
Measurement range of awRR 0 rpm to 150 rpm
Calibration Offset calibration, auto/ manual; gain calibration
ETCO2 Mainstream
Warm up time: Capnogram displayed in less than 15 s, at an ambient temperature of 25℃, full specifications within 2 minutes.
Measurement range: 0% to 19.7 %(0 mmHg to 150 mmHg)
Resolution: 0.1% or 1mmHg
Rise time <60ms
Unit: %, mmHg, kPa
Accuracy: 0 mmHg to 40 mmHg, ±2 mmHg
41 mmHg to 70 mmHg, ±5% of reading
71 mmHg to 100 mmHg, ±8% of reading
101 mmHg to 150 mmHg, ±10% of reading
ETCO2 Microstream
Warm up time: Capnogram displayed in less than 20 s, At an ambient temperature of 25℃, full specifications within 2 minutes.
Measurement range 0% to 19.7 %(0 mmHg to 150 mmHg)
Resolution 0.1% or 1 mmHg
Unit %, mmHg, kPa
Accuracy :( 760mmHg,temperature is 25℃)
0 mmHg to 40 mmHg, ±2 mmHg
41 mmHg to 70 mmHg, ±5% of reading
71 mmHg to 100 mmHg, ±8% of reading
101 mmHg to 150 mmHg, ±10% of reading
(when RR >80 rpm, all the range is ±12% of reading)
Gas temperature at 25℃
Total time of system response <3s
Anesthetic Gas
Measurement way: Infrared spectrum
Measurement mode: Mainstream, Sidestream
Measurement parameters: CO2, N2O, agent(ISO, ENF, SEV, HAL,
Resolution: 1%
Calibration: Room air calibration performed automatically
when changing airway adapter (<5s)
Warm up time: < 10s. full accuracy within 1min
Measurement range and accuracy of gas
Gas Range (%) Accuracy1)
CO2 0 to 15 ±(0.3%ABS+4%REL)
N2O 0 to 100 ±(2% ABS+5% REL)
ISO,ENF,HAL 0 to 8 ±(0.2%ABS+10%REL)
SEV 0 to 10 ±(0.2%ABS+10%REL)
DES 0 to 22 ±(0.2%ABS+10%REL)
awRR measurement range from 0 rpm to 150 rpm
awRR measurement accuracy ±1 rpm

Additional information


Q5 – Full Spec (incl sidestream CO2), Q5 – NIBP, ECG, SPO2, TEMP, HR, Q5- Multigas module (including C02 monitoring and accessories )

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