We are all supporting Laura in her next challenge, Paris Marathon. Take a minute to read Laura’s story.

Many in the world are in a far less favourable position than ourselves… I have a spectacular home, a nice car, a job I enjoy and a fantastic group of friends and a lovely family. In 2018 I broke my back twice. Once I was given the ok, I decided to test myself and started running. My first run was less than 1 mile which resulted in me hyperventilating, stopping and promising I would never run again. Today, there is no stopping me, your lucky if you see me not in trainers and lycra.

I am lucky enough to be running in one of the most picturesque cities in the world, Paris. The route takes in many of the landmarks, and I am lucky enough to have the support of my family and friends who will be cheering me on throughout the course. The only thing will I be missing is my training pals our dogs, Buddy & Hugo who are a great help/cheat up the hills.

Please help me push through the final miles when I HIT THE WALL which everyone is telling me about by donating to Friends of Young Carers (Swindon). Their sole aim is to improve the lives of hundreds of young carers, who are children under the age of 18 by giving them a life outside of their caring responsibilities. You can find out more about the fantastic work they do here – http://www.foycs.org.uk/

All funds raised will be passed to the charity irrespective of whether my target is reached, not reached or exceeded. https://www.wonderful.org/fundraiser/lauraisrunningtheparismarathonforfoycs-349e3bd5

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