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Product Description 

With the 4Vet Slim being warmly welcome in multiple markets we are thrilled to announce the BLUE as the newest addition to the Draminski ultrasound scanner portfolio. It is a modern ultrasound scanner with excellent Doppler ultrasonography and high-quality imaging. Designed to diagnose small animals and horses.

Based on opinions from leading veterinary specialists we have put together the perfect probe combination packages for general practice vets, small animal vets and equine vets.

Product Features

  • The 12″ LED LCD display guarantees a successful diagnosis. The features are controlled via a sensitive touch panel. Quick and easy operation
  •  We have made a scanner featuring the latest technology that weighs only 4 kg.
  • Excellent Doppler, giving you a more precise examination. The veterinary scanner has three Doppler imaging modes: Colour Doppler, Power Doppler, Pulse Wave Doppler. The technology allows examining blood flow in blood vessels.
  • The veterinary ultrasound scanner is ready to operate after 25 seconds. The built-in battery provides up to 2.5-h convenient operation with no power supply connection needed.
  • Operation is simpler than ever: active fields allow quick standard parameter setting. Measure the distance immediately after freezing the image – no additional menu needed. Entering a patient’s data before an ultrasound examination is not necessary. This can be done while saving the first image.
  • New Software Technologies;
    • LuciD™ – a system that enhances contrast, sharpness and tissue differentiation making images readable and easy to interpret.
    • Vi-Probe™ is a unique technology that provides a phased array image type on the convex probe, and a convex image on the linear probe. BLUE provides enhanced vision, even though a small acoustic window.
    • D-Curve™ distinguishes between slight echogenicity differences – a transfer curve ideally suited to the human eye perception. Grayscale curve ideally suited to the human eyes perception.
  • Interchangeable probes: If the probe needs to be swapped during an ultrasound examination, the system will detect the new one automatically.
    • Convex R60 / 3,5 MHz
      • Equine Use: Suitable for shoulder examinations, back examinations, reproduction scanning and musculoskeletal
    • Convex R50 / 5 MHz
    • Linear L40 / 10 MHz
      • Equine Use: Suitable for tendon and ligament work as well as eye examinations
      • Small Animal: Suitable for patients up to 10kg
    • Microconvex R15 / 6,5 MHz
      • Small Animal: Suitable for patients up to 10kg
      • Equine Use: Suitable for hoof and pastern scanning
    • P-probe ( rectal microconvex probe) R20 / 6,5 MHz
      • Equine Use: It is a rectal microconvex probe suitable for equine pelvic examinations, rectal pregnancy examination, hoof and pastern scanning
    • Rectal Linear L60 / 7 MHz
      • Equine Use: Suitable for rectal pregnancy examination, tendon and ligament scanning
    • OPU R11 / 6,5 MHz
    • Click Here for Probe Specifications
  • The Draminski BLUE veterinary ultrasound scanner has a two-year warranty.

What’s included

  • Ultrasound scanner with built-in battery
  • Probe (optional)
  • Stand
  • Power supply
  • User manual with warranty card
  • Carrying case

Technical Data

Imaging modes B Mode,
B+B Mode,
4B Mode,
B+M Mode,
Color Doppler,
Power Doppler,
Pulse Wave Doppler
Operating frequency 1-14 MHz (probe type dependant)
Grayscale 256 degrees, D-Curve™ (grayscale curve adapted to the human eye perception)
Image analysis and processing LuciD™ (contrast, sharpness and tissue differentiation enhancement system)
Ultrasound control Vi-Probe™ virtual convex probe on linear probes, virtual sector probe on convex probes
Frame memory and cine loop viewing 100 GB
Data record Images and cine loop viewing with description, patient data and date
Data transmission to a data storage device Via USB interface
Exported file format PNG for images, AVI, MP4, MOV for cine loop viewing
Number of probe ports One port, automatic probe recognition
External ports 2 x USB 3.0, 2 x LAN, 1 x HDMI
Monitor 12″ LED LCD display
Feature control Capacitive touch panel
Standby time approx. 25 s
Continuous operation time with battery supply approx. 2 hours 30 min.
Package charging time approx. 4 hours.
Accessories Wheel stand
Caster stand (low)
Gel spacer
Operating temperature From -15°C to +45°C
Recommended storage temperature From 0°C to + 45°C

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Blue Sport Horse Vet, Blue Small Animal Vet


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