M880 Handheld Capnograph & Pulse Ox

£1,495.00 (excl. VAT)

A lightweight user-friendly handheld 4.3″ high resolution monitor designed for continuous monitoring or spot-checking of CO2 and SPO2 signals in patients, with an autorotation touchscreen and a battery that can last for up to 18 hours.

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The M880 is an ultra lightweight compact handheld monitor featuring a TFT colour screen displaying EtC02/C02 and respiration. The M880 also includes a built-in temperature pressure compensation system and zero re-adjustment system. Sold with a large capacity 10 hour Lithium battery. The M880 is sidestream technology and requires a gas flow rate of 60~80ml per minute. One year warranty is provided for the PSS M880 main unit and 6 months on accessories.

Key Features:

  • Compact lightweight hand-held design
  • 4.3″ TFT Colour screen displaying EtC02/ FiC02 and Respiration rate.
  • EtC02 Infra-red gas analysis technology
  • Sample Flow Rate : User adjustable, 50 ml/min, 100ml/min, 150ml/min, 200ml/min, 250 ml/min
  • Built-in temperature, pressure compensation system and zero readjustment system
  • A degree of protection against liquid, IPX2 waterproof
  • Specially designed water filter, which continues to work in a heavy humid environment.
  • Pump flux configurable for horse, dog or cat
  • Selectable unit of measurement (KPA, mmHg or %)
  • Visual & Audio Alarms for exceeding limits and apnea; pitch tone
  • 24 Hours trend diagram, which is stored even after a power-off
  • Large data storage capacity – over 5000 groups
  • Large Capacity Lithium battery (approximately 10 hours life)
  • The data saved in the M880 can be transferred to computers through the USB cable


  • CO2 Sampling Tube
  • User Manual
  • Power Adaptor
  • Filter (last approx 120 hrs)

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions: 155mm (H) x 71mm (w) x 40mm(D)
Weight:  0.5kg
Measurement range: 0.0% to 13.1% (0mmHg to 99.6 mmHg)
Resolution:  0.1% or 1mmHG
Unit of measurement: %, mmHg,kPa
Accuracy: 0% to 4./9%, +/-0.3% (+/-2.0 mmHg)
Measurement range of awRR: 3 rpm to 150 rpm
Rise time: About 100ms (when using 1.5m sampling tube and adult dehydration flask with 120ml/min flow rate)
CO2 Response Time: <4s (when using 1.5m sampling tube and adult dehydration flask with 120ml/ flow rate)
Sample Flow Rate: User adjustable, 50 ml/min, 100ml/min, 150ml/min, 200ml/min, 250 ml/min

Patients under 1kg

The CO2 on our M880 is sidestream technology and it requires a gas flow rate of 60~80ml per minute. Most birds and small furries under 1kg don’t breath out that much amount of gas per minute. For these tiny animals, mainstream EtCO2 should be used. A mainstream capnograph is only available on our larger multi-parameter monitors – please contact us to find out more info@photonsurgicalsystems.co.uk

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