Electrolux MyPRO Washer

£1,299.00 (excl. VAT)

This is for the sluice/gravity drain version of the MyPro. We strongly advise using this version in Veterinary Practice as otherwise the hair can block the drain pumps, whereas the sluice/gravity drain will not have this issue.



Product Description

Specially designed for small businesses. The machine with a Professional heart and a Green soul on a practical budget boasting benefits from the professional design.

This is for the sluice/gravity drain version of the MyPro. We strongly advise using this version in Veterinary Practice as otherwise, the hair can block the drain pumps. The sluice/gravity drain version will not have this issue. (Please contact us for other versions)

Superb capacity and performance:

  • Process all laundry in one go thanks to generous 8 kg capacity
  • Best wash results and garment care due to unique professional drum
    with 4.5 mm holes for efficient evacuation of debris (standard 2.2 mm)
  • Save money and energy: the Smart Professional Washer with A+++
  • Time and cost savings in drying with moisture extraction at 1,400 rpm
  • WRAS Approved to fluid category 5
  • 24-month warranty

Up to 50 % faster and easy to use:

  • Meet every need with professional programs, from energy-efficient and mild to disinfection and mop programs
  • Save time: standard 60 ºC programs take 82 minutes (starting with cold water at 15 °C)
  • Reduce cycle time by an extra 12 minutes by using the hot water inlet
  • Flexible installation thanks to smart drain pump configuration

Triple the lifetime:

  • Extra long life due to durable construction with professional components
  • Fewer vibration thanks to highly efficient shock absorbance system and optimally balanced components and panelling
  • No chemical corrosion: stainless steel front and top
  • Trouble-free operation due to gravity drain valve model for the most
    demanding applications

Main specifications at a glance
Washing capacity, kg = 8
Drum volume, l = 67
Energy efficiency class = A+++
Energy efficiency index, % = > 36
Consumption data
Program standard, cotton 60 °C, full load
Total time, min./cycle (hot water inlet) = 70
Energy consumption, kWh = 0.7
Water consumption (cold), l = 65


Electrolux Check Valve – These are an additional product to enable the washing machines to fully comply with WRAS rating on the Electrolux WE170P. They need to be installed using a check valve on the inlet water pipes. If a washer is connected to hot and cold fill (which is recommended) then 2 check valves would be required.

Plinths – The plinths are designed to boost the height of your washer or dryer for easier hight access

Installation via your own plumber. We would advise the plumber:

  1. The drain from the washing machine needs to sit below the level of the sluice valve as seen on the attached datasheet (item 8 on the rear view of the machine).
  2. The washer can either be placed on a bespoke built plinth on site (concrete is recommended), or we can supply steel plinths in 150mm and 300mm heights. Raising the machine up allows for the fall to the drain. The steel plinth would need to be bolted to the floor, and the washing machine bolted to the plinth. A bolt pack is provided with the plinth.
  3. The washer will come supplied with a rubber socket that can be connected directly to a 1 ¼” or 1 ½” waste pipe.
  4. The washer can either be fed from cold water only or hot and cold if available.

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