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Product Description

Dry Steam Vapour. The Cleaning Challenge: Traditional methods of cleaning can be a time-consuming process.  Cleaning chemicals are not always sufficiently removed from surfaces.  Mops, cloths and buckets can harbour dirt and germs from a previous use which are then further spread on the next cleaning task or pushed into corners, edges and on or around the legs and feet of equipment.  The operator can never be sure that the equipment is completely sanitised and clean before undertaking the next cleaning task and if a chemical is left on surfaces, it can dry hard and trap the dirt.  If surfaces are not cleaned properly, it can lead to a build-up in the grout on floors and walls and within the surface of safety floors as they are not 100% smooth and flat.  Over time this build up will make surfaces slippery and slow to dry.

The Solution: Dry Steam Vapour!

What is Dry Steam Vapour?

Initially the term “dry steam” may sound like a contradiction as steam is a by-product of water and therefore cannot possibly be dry.  This applies to conventional steam, such as that released from a kettle which contains water droplets and is therefore moist.  Dry steam, however, is different.  By applying further heat to conventional steam and increasing the temperature more than 140°C, the remaining water is vaporised thus making the steam “dry”.  It is, therefore, true to say that the hotter the steam, the safer & more efficient the technology becomes!

How does Dry Steam Vapour work?

Dry steam is different to the more traditional methods of cleaning.  In its gaseous state, dry steam vapour penetrates surfaces on contact without causing any damage to the surface being cleaned.  It achieves excellent wetting-out and reaches into all cracks and crevices and the areas hard to reach by more traditional cleaning methods.  The heat saponifies the dirt, grease and grime making them ready for removal which is achieved via micro fibre and the use of an inbuilt vacuum system.

Benefits of the Osprey Deepclean Dry Steam Technology

The standard of “clean” which is made when using dry steam vapour is far higher than can be achieved using more traditional cleaning methods. OspreyDeepclean was the first, & is still the only, company to have conducted an independent, scientifically validated study into the efficacy of dry steam technology specifically with a healthcare patient environment.  This study was approved by the largest research institute in The Netherlands: TNO.  Established in 1932, this independent organisation offered objective and scientifically founded judgements.  OspreyDeepclean worked closely with the scientists, and a study was devised to investigate and validate the safety, suitability & efficacy of dry steam vapour in the daily and periodic cleaning practices within a hospital environment.  The study not only found that dry steam vapour safely removed dirt, grease & grime from the environment but that this was achieved through the safe removal of pathogens and biofilm rather than by killing.  The overall result was a sanitised and pathogen free surface.

Using dry steam vapour to cleanse and sanitise utilises very little water, 1 litre of cold, clean tap water equals approx. 1600 Litres of dry steam vapour! There is no requirement for chemicals as even the toughest grease & grime can be removed with dry steam and the smallest amount of effort by the operator.  This also eliminates the risk of any residue deposits being left on surfaces thus providing immediate health & safety benefits as well as the cost savings on unnecessary chemicals.

As a time-saving benefit, the surfaces are left with minimal residue after cleaning.  This is dependent on the type of surface to be cleaned, but most are left touch dry and ready for immediate use.  Dry steam vapour is also less aggressive than other more commonly used cleaning procedures which in turn means equipment being cleaned regularly has a longer life span and operates more reliably thus delivering even further long term cost savings!

Uniquely Validated, Bactericidal Efficacy

This is the ultimate steam and vacuum machine for the healthcare environment.  It features a water filtration system which eliminates dust mites and smells and means there is no requirement for a dust bag. The Steam & Vac Pro is a steam cleaner, a dry vacuum cleaner, a wet vacuum cleaner or can be used as a combination of all three!   The efficacy of this machine has been independently & scientifically validated, and the results show that dry steam safely removes dirt, grease and grime through the safe removal of pathogens and biofilm rather than by killing.  There was also no risk of aerosolisation within the environment being cleaned.  The Steam & Vac Pro can be used in healthcare environments, the front of house areas, in fact anywhere that need sanitising, the Steam & Vac Pro is so versatile, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Product Code M4011 UK plug / M4012 EU plug
Power Requirements 230 Volt 50/60Hz
Max Power 3000/3200 Watt
Steam 6.5 Bar. Nominal
Boiler Capacity 2.6 Litres
Boiler Material RVS AISI 304
Heat Up Time Approx. 5 minutes
Autonomy Continuous Operation
Detergent Facility No
Indicator Yes
Cable Length 4 metres
Machine Dimensions (W x D x H ( in cm)) 52cmx37cmx43cm
Net Weight 14Kg
Ship Weight 19Kg
Certification GS-TUV, CE, IPX4
Boiler Temp 154°C
Adjustable Presure Yes – digital
Incorporated Pressure Yes
Wet Vacuum Max. 1000 watt
Vacuum Tank Capacity 1.8 Litres


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